We know that organic patterns have counterparts in society. And patterns that we see in society have their counterparts in nature.  What does this mean for us?    Is it possible to study what happens in the garden to solve our social problems? from ‘All Roads Lead Home’ tseyferth 2022Continue Reading

When our kids were little we lived in an old New England mill town.  The textile mill, known as “The Shop” was a huge brick structure in the middle of town, with tall windows and smoke curling from gigantic chimneys.  The mill building was situated on the river and waterContinue Reading

The orchids are back in full bloom. And there are other things blooming at Blue Hen Farm. Tuesdays@Blue Hen are becoming a tradition for a lively group of folks. Cooking, building, and learning includes the youngest to the oldest. Our Fall and Spring visitors seasons are coming on deck… BookContinue Reading