A Garden of Weeds

We know that organic patterns have counterparts in society. And patterns that we see in society have their counterparts in nature.  What does this mean for us?    Is it possible to study what happens in the garden to solve our social problems?

from ‘All Roads Lead Home’ tseyferth 2022

We lost the garden this year to weeds. The weather was too hot to grow anything. And all of our efforts went into setting up the vacation rental business. The garden didn’t have a chance.

It took 400 years for Rome to fall, crumble from within. The Roman principles of social justice, the integrity of the society, the things that made Rome strong were overcome by outside influences. The empire imploded…like the garden.

It was very noticeable this year in the Christmas gifts…all high tech or global icons and things called “animes”. Outside influences that are not a part of the American culture. The artwork done by the young artists on the Lost Arts House floor reflects a culture that is not ours. Pokemon and alien logos that we don’t recognize. We are losing our identity as a nation. It’s been about 400 years…

There’s a small patch of broccoli that we have carved out of the weedy garden. It’s doing well. It won’t give us a lot of broccoli, but it’s a start to reclaiming our garden. One of our grandsons has realized the futility of working for someone else in the industrialized economy. He’s decided to learn how to homestead…self sufficiency. It won’t make too big a difference yet, but it’s a start to rebuilding the community…Regrow Rural America…the Fairhaven Learning Project.

Happy Homesteading,


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