Fairhaven’s “Regrow Rural America” Homestead Project returns us to our past to enable meaningful contributions to society in the present, with an eye to helping future generations to thrive. Homesteading is about being healthy, happy, and self-sufficient well into old age; about living on a minimal amount of money, producing our own resources, surrounded and supported by family and friends; about being self-fulfilled and free of life-threatening stress; about having a network of homesteads for support and to visit and experience, interacting with diverse communities of extended families and friends.

The Regrow Rural America Homestead Project brings elders together with younger community members to help develop the skills needed to thrive in self-sufficient community settings. Topics include: Livestock Maintenance and Care, Food & Feed, Farm Construction, Lost Arts – Mixed Media Documentation

Learn About Homesteading. We customize your farm experience:

FARM TOUR – a 2-hour visit to Bent Pine Farm. Meet the animals. Get an overview of what we offer for your customized learning experience. Choose a topic that interests you and schedule a class.


Topics include:

  • Cheese – Making – 2 sessions
  • Sausage – Making
  • Kombucha – Making
  • Bread- Making
  • Fermented Veggies, Salsa, & Sauerkraut
  • Lasagna Gardening
  • Processing Chickens – 2 sessions

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